Tactics For Winter Whitetail Hunting

Winter Whitetail

Just like we discussed last week about winter fishing, winter Whitetail hunting falls into the same category. Of course it’s cold out there and just like winter fishing, there are tactics to be aware of when hunting Whitetail in the frosty, winter snow. Take a look at this awesome article written by Cole Daniels over… Read more »

Ladies and SIXTHDAY Sportsmen Magazine

The other day I had an inquiry about whether or not SIXTHDAY Sportsmen would take articles from females. The short answer is, “Yes.” The longer explanation is that the inquiry made me think about our readership, our mission, and a number of topics related to the issue of our readership–“our audience.” First and foremost, our… Read more »

Welcome to the SDSM Blog

It has officially been a year (4 issues) for the SIXTHDAY Sportsmen Magazine now. The magazine has had many great reviews and some feedback. We published 81 articles from 40 different authors. Our authors have represented 17 states from our great nation, from as far north as Alaska, south to Texas, east from Pennsylvania and… Read more »