Great Waterfowl Source


The Christian Waterfowlers Association was formed to combine people’s passion for waterfowling with their passion for Christ. Their primary goal is to preserve our Christian, waterfowling heritage, and with your help, together we can accomplish this. We offer several donation support options. Head on over to their site to check out events that they having… Read more »

Reaching the Sportsmen for Christ


If your looking for a great resource as to how to connect your church with the sportsmen community, take a look at who exists for the purpose of assisting churches in the goal of reaching the sportsmen of their community for Christ. We achieve this by helping them organize a Sportsmen Game Dinner Outreach… Read more »

A Way to Reach the Young and Unbelievers


This is an amazing article on”Hunting for God” which can be used as a great source for a way to reach the young and unbelievers which may be one of the toughest tasks to accomplish. Every bit of information available to us should be used in order to spread the word and help our youth… Read more »